Welcome to The Poet Reflected, this is a space I want to dedicate to my unfolding work around William Butler Yeats and his work as a poet, playwright and occultist.

william butler yeats

W.B. Yeats by George Charles Beresford (1911)


W.B. Yeats was a poet and magician in a similar vein to such mystical-poets as the pre-Raphaelites. Drawing particular inspiration from William Blake, Yeats sought to marry his mystical and magical pursuits with his poetry. Yeats was a member of the Order of the Golden Dawn (OGD), upon initiation into the 0=0 Neophyte grade in the Isis-Uriana Temple No.#3  Yeats took up the motto “Daemon Est Deus Inversus” (DEDI)

William and Georgie were spiritual collaborators on much of Yeats’ A Vision (19–) series, using techniques including automatic writing.