Officially Accepted!

Last week I went down to Limerick to arrange viewing apartments, thankfully my housemate did most of the leg work for this since I loathe ringing people.

I timed my visit well as I managed to meet up with my supervisor for my MA on Friday evening. It was an impressive meeting with two other researchers on their PhD work present. It seems like there is a lot ahead for us and very exciting work which should feed in to my own MA work in leaps and bounds. Yeats was a complex man and had complex family and friends which makes him a very interesting subject.

When I returned home from Limerick having stopped off in Dublin I found out that I’d been accepted for my MA by research officially, so need to fill in the enrollment form and sort out fees ASAP. So much to do but in fantastic ways.

When I have my research email set up I will publicize it on here for people to network and share in ideas and comments on the blog.


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